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Cheap Maxi Dresses – They Also Fit Perfectly And So There’s No Bulge Either Side

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cheap maxi dresses I’m small chested, 32C, and I feel fine without wearing a bra with this one. I’m modest with boob coverage. Special occasions are plenty covered in my closet. The perks of my overshopping days were that I bought actually, I wish they would pop up more often so I can wear those dresses! Essentially, buying the Madewell dress at the moment. My blackish LBD needs to growup a bit and I reckon this one going to be a perfect substitute, I’m almost sure I have a capsule special occasion wardrobe. Fingers crossed it fits! Thanks for the recommendation. I absolutely love Bandettes!!

Many of us are aware that there is no way it will slide down my leg!

Awesome product!!! Even just using one completely helped!! I also was pleasantly surprised on how amazing game the silicone grips are. I am excited to use them on both legs when wearing a dress in the future. I tried them as I recently got a thigh tattoo needed something to wear on my other leg to avoid chafing since I could not wear spanks, leggings or tights.

cheap maxi dresses I am so happy that I finally ok the plunge and made this purchase!

I heard about Bandelettes last summer but just never got around to ordering them.

I have worn both pairs that I ordered now without incident. It’s a lot better than wearing shorts under all my dresses. I plan on telling everyone I know about these babies.a lot. Luckily I carried on testing them out on the hottest day of the year and had no problems! Now pay attention please. I’m looking forward to a more comfortable and confident summer!

cheap maxi dresses When I opened the package I was a bit concerned about the silicone being that I have sensitive skin and encountered a big issue with silicone on a strapless bra.

I love them and can’t say enough wonderful facts about them.

There are a lifesaver in really hot weather. Therefore I can wear dresses and skirts without the dread, and more importantly without chafing. So here is the question. How did I go so long without Bandelettes?! Happy I finally found a solution! Greatest thing is I may be able to wear these under my wedding dress. My relationship with my boyfriend is happier. You have changed my life emotionally, physically and more. That said, I work out more… I walk more. I am happier. They keep you cool, I felt lighter, more comfortable and I forgot I was wearing them. Intending to the ilet was very much easier than wrestling up and down with Spanx!

cheap maxi dresses I usually wear Spanx with dresses only to avoid chaffing but it is SO much easier.

I ordered one pair in grey to try them out and have already ordered a second pair in nude.

It’s hot and humid in Ottawa in the summer and with bandelettes on I can wear cute skirts and dresses in comfort. Added bonus with bandelettes vs other alternatives is that bandelettes are sexy if they perk out of your skirt and you are not padded into an extra layer of underwear. Bandelettes are a thigh saver! Love! Tally worth the money! Ok, and now one of the most important parts. It was wonderful! Since I was wearing a skirt that wasn’t super short, they weren’t seen, they look lovely and stylish. I love this product, and will highly recommend it to others!

cheap maxi dresses I could walk around without wearing tights!


I ordered some while I was away, and the first order was not delivered properly. I ’emailed’ customer service about the big issue and they reshipped them. They stuck to me all day, I thought they Know what, I finally got them and tried them on. First, I love the customer service at No thigh chafing, no discomfort. That said, I almost forgot the bandelettes were there! This is the case. I ordered the blackish lace. Doesn’t it sound familiar? In the middle of August! I needed these in a hurry for a bachelorette party in Vegas. These shipped on time and I was amazed at how well they worked and how quickly I forgot that I even had them on. Of course, I am recommending that everyone in the bridal party get a pair. I am very pleased with this product. I knew it was should be miserably hot. Couple strides later it should adjust itself, every now and if I was walking quickly, By the way I could feel the silicone band curl up.

cheap maxi dresses Bandelettes CHANGED MY LIFE!

I ordered my first pair 4 days before I was going on a date, and I was really wanting to wear a dress.

Knowing I can wear skirts and dresses without worrying about my thighs being unbearably uncomfortable makes life a lot easier. I got my Bandelettes in the mail the morning of my date, wore them that day with a dress, and I was SO COMFORTABLE! I have now ordered another pair, and I will probably eventually own any color. I’m sure I’ll be ordering some back up pairs soon. You guys might be the next Spanx type success story. Of course, you are geniuses. Also, I promise I will tell all the girls I know who struggle with this. I am also so impressed with the product. I am wearing them now and just so thrilled I can’t even begin to thank you enough. I wish you great success and hope to see you on a Oprah’s favorites show really soon.a lot. You have literally changed my life with one simple, brilliant product.

cheap maxi dresses Like many women have already said on here this was a godsend.

Amazing product.

Thank you thank you and thank you! You have changed my fashion life. I know what each woman in my family is getting for their birthday this year! Seriously there was nothing else as easy, as comfortable and sexy as these. Especially living in Texas where it’s perpetually hot I don’t look for to wear pants every now and then but the chafing made it impossible to wear the dress as I wanted to. My excitement was so great that I ordered two pairs and my thighs couldn’t be happier. Undoubtedly it’s significantly cooler to wear Bandelettes instead of shorts or tights. I was looking for something like that for a long time and was so pleased to come across Bandelettes in a search. Bring on the summer! Accordingly the Bandelettes are the perfect solution -I followed the sizing guide on the website and when my order arrived, they fit perfectly!

Would avoid them as long as I didn’t look for to deal with pain of ‘chub rub’, I love wearing dresses.

I’ve worn them a couple of times now and they haven’t budged or rolled in the slightest.

I feel like I could run a mile in a dress with out a huge problem. I am SO happy with my Bandelettes! Recommended them to a few friends already! Oftentimes they are so comfortable!!! As a result, super sexy, stay in place, comfy and antichafting! The main problem I’m having is where to leave the seam! LOL! Online. XD Wearing them just gives me this kind of a confidence boost that I really love them! Oftentimes received my Bandelettes today, just in time seeing as it’s summer and I also have a few parties to attend this week. They’ve been a lot smaller than I had thought and wow! Know what guys, I almost felt at a loss for finding something that worked for me after feeling like I’d tried all the ‘staple’ fixes, I’m almost sure I was very skeptical when I ordered my pair…not that I thought that Bandelette’s misrepresented themselves in any fashion.

Exceptional quality -they last for years. Do follow the washing instructions and hand wash and air dry. I’ve now ordered 3 pairs and more, and more of my friends are ordering them. Nevertheless, I was so happy with my bandelettes that I went to work and shared my experience with my co workers. They are top-notch things ever invented. However, thank you a lot! Women were so excited that some have even started ordering them. Saves my thighs this summer!! Let me tell you something. Bought these for vacation being that I get that awful ‘chub rub’ when it’s hot and humid. Was at a zoo with my daughter and some women came up to me and said ‘you had p idea day wearing shorts under your shorts.’ That’s when I lifted the hem of my shorts and showed her my Bandelttes…needless to say I passed on the info! Anyways, me encantaron.


Les recomiendo a las mujeres que viven en México que las compren, de ser posible con bastante anticipación, ya que el único detalle es que tardan lo suyo en llegar..

Mis bandelettes al fin llegaron, estan hechas con un material muy suave a la piel, no es el típico material de encaje. En fin, despues de mucho tiempo al fin podre usar mis vestidos. Bandelettes have changed my life. That said, I show them to all of my girlfriends. By the way, an entire new section of my wardrobe has reopened to me!! However, they arrived in just 5 days across the globe in Europe, and I could track the entire tranzit. This is the case. Highly recommend! I absolutely love them!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Completely comfortable, wore them all day and night without one slippage event. Fact, you put them on and you don’t even know they’re there. You got me. They shipped to me super fast. Summer is a nightmare… until I found Bandelettes. Thank you a lot for a great product!! Have you heard of something like this before? I can wear those pretty sundresses and maxidresses without worrying about my thighs burning or not being able to walk.

They stay up, NO slip, and you don’t even know they’re there.

I am a Bandelette lady for life.

Its okay since the lace makes it a pretty little ‘peek a boo’ that I can’t even get mad about, in the event one peeks out. I was never able to wear dresses being that the horrible rubbing and chaffing of my thighs. Consequently, I have a few pair of spandex style shorts that I tended to wear any day. I am so glad I decided to give this product a try. As an added bonus they’re sexy as hell I feel like I’m wearing a sexy addition to my wardrobe and my husband agrees. I’ve had to get creative to combat the dreaded chub rub. With all that said… I absolutely LOVE them. BETTER. I wear a dress almost everyday to work. Nevertheless, they completely prevent any chafing, they don’t roll up or make a muffin p out of my chubby thigh, and they’re 100percentage cooler than shorts. Then, these bandelettes are SO. MUCH. I have never been happier with anything I’ve ever bought during my life.

I forgot they have been there except for how noticeably comfortable I was.

Bandelettes are perfect, and I am telling everyone I know about these miraculous accessories!

I ordered a pair and they fit perfectly. I am so excited to finally get to blissfully wear skirts and dresses thanks to these two little scraps of fabric that could fit into my pocket. It is I just ok them out for a full day of walking around and I am more than pleased. They didn’t slip anyway! I love skirts and dresses but I could never wear them as long as my legs rubbed gether so uncomfortably. I feel giddy just knowing I have these. I had to attend a graduation and usually I should be dreading the end of the day in a dress but I made my bandelettes part of my outfit and they made my day. I would recommend this as part To be honest I received the blackish lace ones, I’ve worn them under shorts, and skirts.

I have shown and recommend them to anyone that will listen.

Therefore this thick girl is all about to up her wardrobe game. Anyway, it’s a life saver. For instance, they looks uper cute under anything and they prevent my legs from ripping open. I started trying all kinds of things but nothing helped until I found Bandelettes. I used to not need to go out wearing skirts or shorts as it would hurt noone this thought sooner.

These little bits of fabric have created an entire new wardrobe for me and allowed me to wear the lovely dresses in my closet that I otherwise avoided.

Living in Florida, the heat here in the summer can be intense.

We are talking about the greatest things I’ve ever come across. They have literally changed my life. With bigger thighs That’s a fact, it’s so incredibly a problem to wear skirts and dresses. Basically, so effective. I proudly tell EVERYONE about them being that they are so great. Top-notch part is you don’t actually want to wear a whole get up when you just need your thighs covered unlike Spanx where you have to wear a full thing. However, honestly Bandelettes are the BEST invention since sliced bread lol. I just ordered two more pairs of the chocolate and the ones that are advertised for athletics. Of course I wear them under shorts where they show and I always get compliments or under a dress and people ask me what I do to combat the chaffing as my thighs are huge. Generally, they stay in place and don’t slip all the time you don’t even realize they are there. I have had a pair of the grey lace ones for about 3years. As a result, these things are a life saver, as someone who enjoys wearing skirts and dresses but often didn’t because of the immense percentage of chafing my thighs did.

I go nowhere without them as long as they have become that essential to my life.

I had bought a pair after seeing them on Pinterest and I was hooked.

Actually I ran them raggedy by wearing them ALL the time. No more thighs rubbing, they are so incredibly comfortable and pretty. I going to be ordering in all colors, redish, blackish, and some more white. I can wear them just around the house with a short nightgown or t shirt and they are sexy! Really lady’s, we are talking about worth your money, By the way I don’t often wright reviews. I am a customer for life Thank you Bandelettes for this type of an innovative product for us women!!

Whether you have thigh rub or not, I will recommend this to any woman.

They shipped very fast, and I tried them on right when they got here.

I got the almost white lace, and they slid up my leg and onto my thigh with ease. Saw it in a pintrest pin, sounded like something I should like to try, and I am so happy I did, To be honest I had never heard of them before. Known with shorts, I’m also thinking, therefore this summer, I actually will wear them to peak out from the shorts, under dresses, with anything and everything, not only comfort but cute look, there’s like a silicone area that helps them stay right in place on your thighs. They are very fashion forward and relevant in the fashion world today.

Honey, you are missing out, Therefore in case you don’t have a pair of these in your wardrobe. These Bandelettes made me feel so feminine and sexy. These will definitely sell, especially in areas out of Manhattan. Eventually, why so you sell them in stores? I used to work in lingerie. For instance, why weren’t you here all my adult life? I put my Bandelettes on day for the first time. Zero chub rub. Now please pay attention. I’ve only worn mine twice but it makes all the difference. Seriously. These will change your life! Dresses are my absolute go to attire in the summer and I no longer have to be strategic, I’m quite sure I can wear them any day! A well-known fact that is. They say in place all day even through a nap didnt move there’s absolutely no chafing and they’re sexy!

It is top-notch invention EVER! I feel like bandelettes changed my life now I can wear a dress and actually be comfortable I ordered 4 more pairs and a bunch of dresses I can’t recommend bandelettes enough definitely worth nearly any penny I’m just so sad I haven’t had these sooner in lifespan. I have a slit that is a bit I absolutely LOVE them. Have you heard about something like this before? The one leg measurement would have caused me to order a size we’re looking at the perfect in between. I am loving these! It is thigh chafing when I don’t wear anything, Actually I often get very itchy when I wear bike shorts all day.

Whenever feeling awesome, they don’t slip or roll in general -just hang out.

I’m singing Bandelettes praises to all my friends and will continue to rock them every time I wear a dress or skirt!

They are comfy and they stay put. They make my commute to work painless, where it used to be awful to experience chafing every day. There are life changing, no exaggeration! I only wish I had discovered them before my walking trip to Europe last summer when I had to wear uncomfortable and sweaty spandex shorts under my cute clothes. Seriously. Loving the lace detail and basic colors I’m telling everyone I know about this ingenious little garment! From the casual outfit to the extravagant party, Bandelettes are comfortable and easier to put on after that, other products. For instance, it’s just super, super, super! Thank you a lot for this fantastic product. I just spent a hot ‘weekend’ in the south of France and could’nt believe how nice Undoubtedly it’s to be able to walk and dance and feel well with my new Bandelettes.

They are comfortable to wear and avoid the thights rubbing. Actually the Bandelettes changed my summer life! I love corsets, that are very tight in the rso meaning if I wore a corset and a skirt, id be if I had to use the bathroom. Oftentimes the silicone holds them in place all day, and if a breeze lifts my skirts a little, theres cute lace instead of a hard blackish line of spandex. Let me tell you something. Bandelettes mean I can look cute with all the creature comforts that spandex never allowed. In the past ive always had to use spandex shorts to protect my thighs but they tend to be high waisted and create an unattractive line over my stomach where the waist band is.

I absloutely love thesethank you a lot for making them!

I have had problems with inner thigh chaffing my whole life!

I love Bandelettes! So this product has greatly changed my life. Nonetheless, now I can wear what ever I seek for instead of wearing something that I can fit shorts or spanx under! Very, VERY pleased with this purchase. I just got mine day and I LOVE them! I do a n of walking on my college campus and it’s always been a hassle to wear my favorite outfits being that I’d either have to wear shorts or haul around my deodorant for frequent coats throughout the day. They fit very well and are extremely comfortable. I gonna be ordering additional pairs and recommending them to friends and family.

They just stay in place and you forget that you have them on.

They ride up and cling to the skirt/dress, By the way I have tried biker shorts.

Bandelettes work perfectly. I was concerned they will slide down or squeeze preparing to wear these under a skirt or shorts and you’ll do a little of walking, the smooth bandelettes feel incomparably better than the lace. Actually the silicone strip at the p and bottom of the band keeps the bandelette in place well. Essentially, I put on the lace bandelettes and it fit great. I wore just one around the house to see how I felt with the lace and it felt great. I mentioned these to my husband who loves to run and he perked up about the unisex bandelettes to wear under running shorts to avoid chafing while exercising or running.

Whenever trying and wearing, definitely worth buying.

I ordered two pair….one lace and one unisex.

I may order two more pair in the blackish lace and grey unisex at a later date. Therefore the lace one is nice So in case you look for to wear them peekaboo style. It’s a well for the past two summers I’d been thinking about ordering a pair of pettipants but decided to give Bandalettes a try. They Stay put ALL day, and suchlike My only recommendation my be to order a size smaller than you are! As a result, I have been telling everyone about these as long as they are really just top-notch. Interesting bandlettes literally have changed everything about summer and my wardrobe. In my opinion if I go smaller next order they should’ve been fine, I ordered my actual size and they have been a tad big and after a couple of wears began to slip as long as they were a little big to begin with.

Actually I cant stand to wear bike shorts and spanx under skirts and be hot and uncomfortable, as someone who’s always had a smaller waist but a big butt and thighs.

I’ve convinced a couple friends to buy these being that bandlettes are LIFE changing to girls with normal thighs.

I absolutely LOVE this product and this idea. I HIGHLY recommend this product and thank whoever is behind it!! I’m only mad I didn’t think of this idea first! That said, absolutely nothing like a pair of stockings or bike pants, and it really was not an issue even on the hottest of days, they are comfortable, To be honest I don’t find them that they slip or move whatsoever and I have never had a big issue with reactions and similar I note that others have said they find them a bit hot and I see would agree they can get a bit warm.

Plus look, there’s the addition of feeling as sexy af when your skirt flips up a bit and you see that flick of lace!!!

Since of the upper thigh sweaty dark red chafe factor…until I found Bandelettes I pretty much resigned myself to wearing my running pants throughout the hottest part of the season, I am a tal dress person summer used to fill me with dread.

Changed my life! Aside from that -nothing to say but just thank you for these bands, a single thing -when skirt is I’m quite sure I did not feel them really!!!!

That was just perfect.

Just came back from vacation and let me tell you -that was my best vacation as long as I could wear my evening dresses and skirts at nights when we went to dinner and dancing!

Hi I love my Bandelettes! Thighs did not sweat, bands did not move. Great product! That’s interesting right? I ordered a couple pairs of these. On p of that, I wear the lace ones the most but both are great! There are my new favorite item! Normally, if you’ve been to Vegas you know how much walking you do. Besides, I should suggest them to everyone. Notice that I never wore dresses without leggings and now I can thanks to my bandelettes. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. I was in Vegas this past week and it was hot so I wore dresses and skirts everyday. Basically, I wore my bandelettes each day and they stayed put all day and I did not have any chafing all week! We’re looking at awesome! Anyway, best of all, they served their purpose. Bandelettes are the perfect solution to a issue I have battled a lot of my life!

I ordered the unisex blackish pair first.

I LOVE LOVE my bandelettes!

I loved them a lot that I ordered a second pair days after receiving the first pair, and Actually I can’t waitwill have been in severe pain due to thigh chafing. They have been so comfortable and stayed in place so well that I forgot I was wearing them. Nonetheless, the fit was perfect, and they really stay put very well! I had no uncomfort or irritation whatsoever and my thighs were very comfortable. On p of that, no estaba muu convencida de probarlas pero FUNCIONAAANN! Now regarding the aforementioned fact… No rub, no pain, and it’s fabulous. I’ve been wearing these in 90+ weather really! I was looking everywhere for something really like that for years, and finally found it! I am so glad that somebody has finally come up with this idea to prevent the chub rub. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… I absolutely LOVE my Bandelettes!!

They’re so pretty and you hardly feel like you’re wearing anything.

They are the perfect accessory to prevent the uncomfortable rubbing that occurs will highly recommend Bandelettes to nearly any woman I know! My only suggestion will be to add more colors to the collection! Seriously. As I tell my ‘daughters life’ is would love to see more color variety. Generally, I have recently started dealing with it since I work in a hot kitchen with little ac. Did you hear about something like this before? I decided to give these a try. I forgot I was even wearing them.


I found out about Bandelettes on a review website for ladies with chub rub.

Incomparably better than wearing some spandex for ages being that then that area can breathe more! Really sold on these. Nevertheless, they’re cute and comfortable. With all that said… Wow do they work, I tried them for the first time last week and I was sceptical. Actually, I gave these a try anyway, By the way I am skeptical of reviews. Furthermore, I look for to scream from the mountain ps that everyone needs some. Write Consequently, I’m on day 2 in Mexico and my bandlettes live up to any promise.

Id hope to wear a skirt today, however, Actually I could not recall what items might be ordering more in the near future!! You see, thank you a lot for selling EXACTLY what you announce on your page and not a scammy product!! Now pay attention please. Two thumbs up!!! Although, I decided to go ahead and order not one but two sets and boy am I glad I did so.

Very HAPPY and SATISFIED with my purchase. BEST purchase I ever made so far!! I found that the lace didn’t lay tally flat on my shape and should curl a little but should always roll back into place. I’m talking about AMAZING. I was sceptical. Everything I’d tried before wouldn’t say put and I was very uncomfortable very quickly. Mush nicer than having to wear shorts or leggings under my skirts and dresses. Now please pay attention. I walk everywhere and highly recommend these. Normally, I think for my next pair I’ll for go the lace. Great product still! Actually, ordered two for any longer being that I lost my first while moving flats, and I feel like they fit even better than previously. They’re not annoying, and they are both comfortable and effective, Know what guys, I know they’re there. Even if seen under short skirts or short they actually look really sexy add a cute texture/element to your outfit, bandlettes are the perfect solution….they are very comfortable, they don’t hug your leg to give a bulge like panty hoes do!

Thanks a lot to the people who came up with bandelettes.

I seriously love these and am now able to wear skirts like I never have before.

No discomfort, no worry about the band falling down. With that said, I’ve never found a better solution for thigh chafing than this, and I’ve tried a lot. Thanks to you guys, I was able to wear a dress for 6+ hours during my university convocation ceremony and not think even once about my thighs. They are sexy. Eventually, I LOVE them. Easy to slip on and they absolutely SAVE my thighs! I had heard about these and I could never have imagined how great they’ve been until I tried them for myself. I ordered a blackish and white pair and I will probably wear them until they fall apart! For example, just got my Bandelettes in day in grey Onyx size C and I have to say that I am so happily surprised at how much I love them! Then again, the silicone grip on the inside is wonderful the grip strips are much wider than I thought they will be, about 3/4″ on both the p and the bottom, Surely it’s flexible and grippy for awhile being that I seek for them to wear with everything! They are very soft and seem very sturdy as well, not only are they this type of a pretty lace. I think the By the way I knew these my be great.

They are so great. They work wonderfully! Love! Also, I’m heading on a vacation with hundreds of walking and it gonna be warm. I love to wear dresses in the heat -now I can wear them on my trip with bandelettes. Normally, for awhile enough to alieve the rubbing, my friends all backpacked in sports. Although, I went hiking in an outdoorsy Patagonia dress in Hawaii and I was in pain by the time we got back to the car! I’ll be ordering a few more pairs! They are comfortable to wear, therefore the size I ordered fit me perfectly.

I actually plan on wearing a pair for my wedding.

I measured my thigh because of Bandelettes. When you put them on they feel a little like they will fall off, trust that they I prefer the plain ones. For ageser trapped in hot and sticky shapewear this summer! Thanks to Bust Magazine and Autostraddle, Know what guys, I discovered these little beauties and lifesavers. Considering the above said. I have both a lacy version and the smooth plain version. Actually I can’t feel the other ones whatsoever, the lacy on the other ones start for awhile day -nothing major.

Best purchase I made all year, and a terrific price point.

I live in the UK and shipping was quicker than I expected which was fab!

I love for awhile being that I know it truly works. Goodbye to all those hideous looking tights I used to wear which were so visible underneath my clothes and hello to my new found love of Bandelettes.

I always had an extremely difficult time preparing to the gym or wearing dresses and skirts because of thigh chafing which always resulted in awfully painful rashes and even tearing of my skin.

They are indeed ‘slipfree’ and the most comfortable pair of garment I have ever worn.

By the way I was in desperate need of anything I could get my hands on to prevent my thigh chafing, To be honest I was skeptical at first. I assure you now you wouldn’t regret it, So in case you’re looking to buy these and are unsure. I only found out about it after doing research and this website popped up in every page I clicked on. Notice that es la segunda vez que me compro unos BANDELETTES y tengo que decir que estoy encantada, sufro este problema desde los 9 so 10 años, en mi familia somos das de tener esta parte del muslo ancha y que roce, siempre el suplicio de usar unos shorts so no poder usar vestido so falda, con el consiguiente calor que supone en verano cuando una quiere ir fresquita, gracias a la persona so al equipo que ha desarrollado esta prensa, RECOMENDADISIMO, por cierto, hacer caso al consejo de coger una talla menos, si no da la sensación de que se caen.

I bought 3 Bandalettes pairs for myself and a pair for any of my daughters.

I wish I knew about Bandalettes last summer!

It’s warming up in Massachusetts and we are wearing skirts and dresses without pantyhose now! Consequently, we all have large thighs and go through ns of Body Glide and still wound up with severe thigh chafing whenever we wear dresses. There are by far better thing for any longer. They stayed in place all night. I absolutely love them and couldn’t be happier. I purchased a pair of bandelettes so I could wear summer dresses without having to endure the painful chub rub anymore. So a definite must have! Notice that they are so comfortable you can’t even tell you are wearing them. Sounds familiar? I danced the night away problems, I wore them for the first time to my baby brother’s wedding.

They didn’t make me hot like wearing spanks do.

These Bandelettes are great!

The entire time! I love to swear skirts and shorts but my previous ‘antichafing’ solutions weren’t holding up in the hot, humid weather. I love love love them! I wish I had found these years ago so I didn’t have to be rtured with pantyhose!! Notice, girls dont think twice! You really feel like a goddess when you are wearing them. Fact, im in love with bandelettes! Im definitely ordering another pair!

Bandalletes are p thing ever and now I can wear pretty dresses without the agony of chafing thighs.

They also fit perfectly and So there’s no bulge either side.

I live in spain and it gets really hot but they don’t move in general so it’s better invention EVERRRRRR!!!! I saw these on Facebook and was a little skeptical but ordered them anyway hoping that they will relieve my chub rub. Comfortable, cute and they work! No sliding or rolling, I’m pretty sure I ordered the wider ones and I’m glad I did. Needless to say, the first day I wore them I was amazed! With all that said… I have to be honest here… I researched the website and social media pages and I’m almost sure I couldn’t wait to get mine in the mail!!! Of course, I wouldn’t say that I consciously knew I suffered from chaffing but I did know that my thighs rubbed gether and I had experienced the irritation that came would wear dresses.

I worked directly with someone who helped me measure myself for these correctly to ensure I should get the correct size. I connected with Bandelettes on Twitter and was immediately intrigued about these amazing wardrobe essentials. That sounds weird right? I feel like bandelettes is a definite lifesaver, as someone who for the most part there’s no more thigh rubbing. For example, I’m talking about very neat to have if you are like me that has problems with thigh rubbing. They come in different colors which make them wearable with all outfits. I also like that we are talking about breathable to wear and you don’t need to worry about your skin being irritated. Furthermore, I have always wondered if there was something out there that could Actually I am most excited to wear these in two weeks under my wedding dress Great product! Thank you for this wonderful product, each time I put a dress or a skirt on. I am so excited about Spring and Summer, now I won’t need to wear pantyhose in the hot summer and can wear all my dresses with bandelettes. Online. After 15 minutes you completely forget you have them on -they don’t move in general! THEY ARE FABULOUS! With that said, this year I entered the summer pregnant, and ordered a pair of the smooth beige unisex. I’ve worn them multiple times any week. They are lovely and they work to some degree, I still get a rash where the rubber band uch -but So it’s nothing compared to what I got before.

That’s a fact, it’s still I also have a poser when needing to use the toilet, Actually I have to remove them. They became a bit rough after washing, very much for delivering this type of a fantastic product. I will highly recommend these to anyone! I ok a risk and put my new bandelettes to the ultimate test…. Now let me tell you something. Bali! Not a chaffed thigh in sight, it was so hot sweat was dripping down my back the entire night.

Otherwise I could just relax, dance, drink and forget they have been there, only had to excuse myself to the ladies’ room once to readjust.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect thing to buy as summer fast approaches here in the Southwest.

I just got mine and I absolutely love them. I was for a while being that being larger has always meant any kind for ages socks roll down but not these! That’s about it, I had to make minor adjustments after trips to the bathroom. I may be buying a second pair, and I’ll be wearing skirts and dresses for the first time this year! On p of this, they stayed on comfortably Know what, I recommend them to all my friends. Friend of mine in America shared a link to this site on her facebook, and I continued buying a few pairs. Of course I have never looked back!

I know many pregnant women really have difficulty with pressure on their bellies, and so nearly any chance I get to wear dresses I take.

I’m good to go and I’m cool, comfortable, and zero ‘bellypressure’, Dress, undies.

After this summer I’m hooked, as a former never dress wearer due to chafing. Your product allows me to do just that. I only regret is that I didn’t find this product earlier! Needless to say, thank you! Delighted I came across this site online. You should take it into account. Fast delivery wasn’t expected to have them so quick just in time for my holidays. Seriously. Does exactly what it’s supposed first summer post baby I ran to a local Walmart and bought a pair of thin lace trim bike shorts and cut the stitching on the lace and I wore those under my skirts…made for a hot vacation and not in it’s 102 with the heat index. I highly recommend these for anyone who has a Chub Rub issue! I also spend 2 weeks each August in Disney World. They are exactly as advertised.

I have already ordered a second pair for summer.

Word of caution, because of how I measured. Now I can! My husband loves them! Eventually, I love dresses but haven’t been able to wear them comfortably for years. I love these! Thank you Bandeletts! It’s abeing that it’s so hot in Louisiana. That’s my fault, I’m almost sure I did buy them that’s the solution, if you have ever suffered from chub rub. They are a little weird getting used to but they are amazing, feel great, look great and fix should be wearing these with all my skirts and dresses.

It was 32 Celsius. They did not make me sweat which I was sure they will. Then, they did not move and were so comfortable I completely forgot I had them on. Usually, I wore the bandellets yesterday to a back yard barbacue. There was no rubbing of the skin between my legs. I will say I was skeptical but have tried bike shorts and jockey skimmies under dresses and was not happy. Online. I did not wear dresses for awhile being that the rubbing hurt my skin between my upper thighs. I bought my first few pairs a few weeks ago. I wore them this past weekend when I was away at a wedding. THANK YOU a lot for creating a practical product that works is also very sexy. Essentially, you’ve changed my life. Nice to have a product that makes me feel attractive as a curvy girl.a lot. I’ve just ordered another pair ld all my friends about you.

These things are amazing!

I work 12 hour days sometimes and they work with little need for readjustment, it’s crazy, these really stay in place.

Bonus bonus is that I originally bought a size To be honest I rarely feel like I can wear dresses or if I do I have to wear bike shorts that I’m constantly afraid are showing under the dress, constantly rolling up on my legs or rolling down at the waist.

Truly an awesome company helping people with a very specific problem!! I have hugemongous thighs, serious chafing problems, live in Texas where it gets quite hot, and love wearing dresses. Trovo questo prodotto davvero geniale. Peccato averne comprato solo un paio. La prossima volta mi faccio furba e ne ordino due so tre paia. I’m sure you heard about this. Bellissime for any longer because why wear a dress when you are intending to wear shorts as well, that meant I always wore shorts. Actually, which is great in for ages because I did t like my thighs touching, I typically never was a dress wearer. It’s abeing that all the high tights that I’ve tried never stayed up and always made me uncomfortable, when my friend ld me about this product. They’re very light, they don’t move or roll up and completely ok my mind off for awhile being that they make me sweat and are not very attractive.

I decided to give Bandelettes a try since my friend insisted and I can’t thank her enough now.

Thanks for the great idea and an impeccable product.

I’m now preparing to recommend it to all my other friends and even strangers on the street. I ordered mine like a week ago and they came day I live in Finland so was really happy with the fast delivery!! At first it was weird to have them on but you get used to them really easily and night I even forgot I had them on. I love them for awhile. My Bandelettes are a size D and I definitely have a big chub rub going on so tally loving this product 3 No leggings or stockings for me this summer!

I heard about bandelettes after searching online for a way to solve thigh chafing.

They are comfy, cute and solve so it’s one of my best purchases ever. I can’t imagine wearing dresses without them anymore. So, they are easy to put on and stay in place with the silicone. I saw these as a recommended solution and bought a pair. So that’s a great product that I would recommend to anyone. In my city we reach tempertures of 45 48ºC in summer NO KIDDING. BUY THESE. NOT ANYMORE. In the southern region of Spain. Fact, you know where I live, right? Fit my thights perfectly, could be for ages being that my thighs hurt. YOU WON’T REGRET IT. I have very sensitive skin so I was very pleased to find they weren’t itchy anyway. I measured the biggest part of my thigh at 24 1/2 inches so I went with size C. Now I find myself looking for skirts and dresses just to wear them again. Whenever finding it easier to go inside out first therefore flipping them, I slid them on. Therefore, walked my hallway a couple times to see if they really covered a single thing I noticed was they make a very slight swooshing sound when I walk.

All in all, Know what, I love them and am happy I made the purchase.

Not to tight so I need getting thigh muffins and not so loose to fall off.

Therefore the first thing I noticed was how soft the lace was, when I ok them out of the package. I bought my first pair a couple of weeks ago and being honest I was pretty skeptical that they’ve been planning to stay up. I wore them for hours, even after sitting lazily in a chair and getting up repeatedly they stayed in place. Thinking they’d be like the plus size thigh highs I bought that refused to stay up and gave me thigh muffins. They ok a little while to get to me but that’s okay. I wore them with a few different outfits to see how they looked. They’re really cute under short shorts I’m quite sure I will be ordering more, Thanks for making a wonderful product. Notice that I was skeptical, to say the least, about these staying in place and not rolling down, as most thighhighs do. When I walked, they slipped on with ease under the dress I had on and believe it or not they didn’t move… When I got into the car, they didn’t move… When I got out of the car, they didn’t move… I wore these all day and they didn’t move!!! Now please pay attention. Whenever creating any irritation anyway, they’ve been so comfortable and my thighs were not rubbing together. For example, let me share this with you… for ages with slits up any side so when I sat down, the bottom of my Bandelettes were peeking out… Can you say, SUPER SEXY!!! Then again, I couldn’t wait to wear them, when these fabulous lace Bandelettes arrived in the mail.

I just got my Bandelettes yesterday and I wore them all day today.

Amazing product!

I really think there are life changing. They just stay in place, I didn’t have to adjust them once. Notice, I forgot I was wearing them for ages being that they’re so comfortable. As a result, hot bike shorts underneath that will ride up and I was constantly adjusting, before I will just skip the dress or wear uncomfortable. Also, I didn’t experience any chafing anyway, and normally my thighs must be burning and uncomfortable after wearing a dress for a day. Furthermore, now I’m perfectly comfortable we are looking at genius!

I walk at least 2 miles/day with zero problems, they feel like they could not possibly stay up.

I was stressing getting through another hot/humid summer here in Chicago, these have saved me. Generally, I was always concerned they could become visible on a windy day, in the past I have worn lightweight foundation garments. Bandelettes solve this problem! I should be buying a solid blackish pair to wear under gym shorts next. They don’t make my thighs hot, they don’t stick to my dress. Notice that the color is very accurate in comparison to their pictures. You should take it into account. I need to order another pair! I got the nude colored lace ones. They stay up, they’re not Know what guys, I was skeptical. So, I expected these to roll like pretty much all stockings do on my rather large thighs I ordered two pairs and WOW. When I check them they have not budged, sometimes it feels like they are shifting slightly. Now pay attention please. Seriously, they do not move! I just bought more 3 more pairs, I am amazed, it’s so odd wearing skirts and dresses without bike shorts underneath!

Much breeze.

Best wardrobe decision ever -hello skirts and dresses!

And therefore the rubbing is on the smoothest part, I got the unisex ones, and wear the seams on the outside. They work great, even when it feels as if they’re shifting, they actually stay put. Washing them is quick, and they drip dry Now look, the trick really. Worth any single penny I spent for it. Of course this product is a saver. Then again, the fit seems perfect as well. I could be wearing these under my wedding dress 10/30/2016 so I’ll I believe after that! I’m really excited so far though! On p of this, shipping was ridiculously speedy!! Far so good! They’re very comfortable, lightweight, and snug.

I ordered just an uch larger than what I’d measured, and these fit perfectly.

I only had to pull them up a little, after walking a couple of miles in these in the heat under a skirt.

I’d been looking for a solution this pain. Besides, they arrived on time, and I was surprised by how accurate the fit was! Stayed up all day, I experienced slight rolling on the outside of my leg but the inner thigh was secure all day.

I ordered two styles, the lace and the plain spandex style.

I found the lace pattern was a bit So plain spandex style though were incredible! They stayed put for the entire day. Life savers people, life savers! They shipped super fast they’ve been right where I placed them nearly 10 hours later, and in Florida heat none the less. Online. I was super skeptical about the Bandelettes but after a week of testing them out I’m hooked. Now please pay attention. I was traveling with clients and our day consisted of hundreds of active tours, hotel visits and Disneywold park hopping.

I plan to order they’ve been even there.

I don’t think I can travel or be without them. Let for a while day. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Fabric is very cool and comfortable. I saw Bandelettes advertised on a website and thought I would give them a go…BEST decision EVER!!! As most people are aware Australia is a very hot and humid place to live…summer can be a nightmare as That’s a fact, it’s perfect conditions for chaffing to make your life a misery. Certainly, I knew would take care of my problem…they are so comfortable and after a while you forget they are there.

I have already re ordered, as a pair in any color is best for me.

Maybe I bought mines a little whatsoever. Thank you! Actually, I am very happy with my Bandelettes. No rolls up or anything. This is the case. Best find ever! I am ordering intending to Burning Man this year and it turned out to be a wonderful idea.

We are looking at sexy and worked well with a few of my costumes. I love them! I love that So in case you don’t need to wear them the entire time, they can easily be slipped off and tucked into a purse or pocket. Normally, I have done it all to stop the chaffing, bike shorts, men’s underwear, antiperspirant, runners anti chaffing cream…Bandlettes have made wearing summer dresses very much more enjoyable! Usually, thank you!! Nevertheless, highly recommend them. With that said, this has been a issue for awhile as I can remember. There are brilliant! They are really fairly comfortable. I’ve had them a couple of weeks and wear them ‘3 4’ days out of the 5 day work week. As a result, I was skeptical that they would work but for the low price, By the way I decided to give them a try. Remember, I am around a size 12 and really like to wear skirts in the summer. Interesting I’m really happy I found them and can’t wait to order a few more colors! You see, far, these have worked wonderfully. I bought these after reading an article online about different for any longer being that I hate the way it feels when my thighs uch in hot weather.until now! Actually, my biggest concern was that they should roll or be so tight that you could see lines but that was NOT the case. They are extremely comfortable and no rolling what so ever. Although, a must have for any knicker drawer. Put quite simply, these bands are incredible. They ship to the UK and are so worth it! I actually can wear skirts and dresses with bare legs and feel comfortable all day, with Bandelettes. Did you hear of something like that for ages because when I do my skin can rub into blisters and become extremely sore, I’ve never gone without tights, even in warm weather. Since I gushed a lot about them and lifted my skirt a little to show how sexy they look I could be adding an order to the next round with friends who now love them I wish I should have ordered more than one pair the first time around. Therefore, they looked good as new, with no holes or anything, when I slipped them off around 4am.


Cheap Maxi Dresses: Cheap Dresses Are Fun They Liven Up Our Own Wardrobe And Permit You To Be Adventurous With Style

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cheap maxi dresses Whenever adding a flourish or 3 along the way, go from there. Megan Burley is always a freelance writer who writes about weddings, fashion, and products like. It encouraged a return to long evening dresses at Christmas and newest Year, the maxi dress is a fashion item since the autumn, a bit tricky to wear in the snow.

The maxi dress was probably definitely a fashion obtain this summer, sun is out, and shops have usually been absolutely full of dresses in a rainbow of colours.

Some amount of those winter dresses were pretty over-priced, and loads of people obtained them as oneoff peculiar purchases.

cheap maxi dresses It’s an interesting fact that the dress need not be an over-priced purchase, it will be complex to choose a dress from styles array, and designer dresses have always been even more gorgeous. Have been cheaper to get, summer materials have usually been primarily cheaper and require less tailoring! Let’s say, spend a more to get a quality item, and save money on some clever accessories, if you seek for a wedding outfit. They have plenty of cheap and cheerful maxi dresses on sale, big for ringing reviewing without breaking the bank, take a look at the supermarkets clothing sections. Now let me tell you something. Decide first how frequently you will wear our dress, if our own budget is always limited. That’s where it starts getting virtually interesting, right? Start with a search online and compare costs, if you fancy a few dresses for exclusive occasions. Search Internet for free shops, choose dress design you like, and show for a discount if you purchase very similar design in a couple of patterns, To avoid wearing identical dress as each and other woman.

You usually can search for they started to reduce summer clothes, designer outlets and shops are thinking ahead to autumn.

Cheap dresses are always fun they liven up your own wardrobe, and let you to be adventurous with style.

Bold Aztec pattern, or paisley design, will catch the eye. Purchasing fashion items that are accessible in a lot of prints and patterns as dresses are usually, means you will get away with spending less money. Cheaper tailoring shan’t be noticed, disguised by the dress impact style, colour and pattern., cheesecloth could be dyed in lots of colours, and may be deliberately crinkled, that is good if you hate ironing! These materials are would not figure out a cheap dress in raw silk, or lace. Fashion dresses created from cotton polyester or viscose mixes, are usually plain easy wash and hold a pattern well but, do not wash them at lofty temperatures or our bold, bright design may fade.


Cheap Maxi Dresses – Affordable Summer Style

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cheap maxi dresses You in addition would not seek for a dress that was always an awesome method go about it’s by trying on special formal dresses until you search for that perfect fit.

You do not look for to look for party wearing a dress that makes you look stuffed or one that will have you feeling like you can’t breathe. With that said, this means being able to wear it comfortably and having capability to bend over to fasten your shoes. Known there’s seek for to have a dress that fits right. You need to be special that you look our better, when you look for a formal occasion or a cocktail party. Then, in order for this to happen you must choose perfect formal dress how is this doable when there’re lots of formal dresses to choose from, right? It encouraged a return to long evening dresses at Christmas and modern Year, maxi dress had been a fashion item since autumn, a bit tricky to wear in the snow.

cheap maxi dresses Accordingly the maxi dress is definitely a fashion acquire this summer, sun is usually out, and shops have probably been absolutely full of dresses in a rainbow of colours.

a bit of those winter dresses were pretty overpriced, and a bunch of people obtained them as ‘oneoff’ extraordinary purchases.

Dress need not be a costly purchase, it may be complicated to choose a dress from styles array, and the designer dresses were probably even more gorgeous. Are cheaper to obtain, summer materials have probably been primarily cheaper and require less tailoring! Notice that let’s say, spend a more to get a quality item, and save money on some clever accessories, So in case you seek for a wedding outfit. Essentially, they have a number of cheap and cheerful maxi dresses on sale, big for ringing the rethinking without breaking the bank, verify supermarkets clothing sections. Search the Internet for independant shops, choose dress design you like, and explain for a discount if you obtain really similar design in a couple of patterns, To avoid wearing identical dress as every woman.

You will look for they started to reduce summer clothes, designer outlets and shops have always been thinking ahead to autumn.

Decide first how frequently you will wear your dress, So if your own budget was probably limited.

Start with a search online and compare costs, if you fancy a few dresses for special occasions. Purchasing fashion items that usually were attainable in a great deal of prints and patterns as dresses have usually been, means you could get away with spending less money. Cheaper tailoring shall not be noticed, disguised by the dress impact style, colour and pattern. Bold Aztec pattern, or paisley design, will catch eye. Cheap dresses are fun they liven up our wardrobe, and let you to be adventurous with style. Cheesecloth will be dyed in big amount of colours, and may as well be deliberately crinkled, that was probably good if you hate ironing! Notice, big as a ‘halterneck’ dress as it’s soft and fits that style well, it’s a 70’s revival material, and cheap. Apply those skills to finding a selection of cheap dresses to get you through summer, bargain hunting is fun, and extremely satisfying. Therefore this retro style usually was a favourite in discount dress stores, accessible one and the other in the big street and online. These materials are won’t learn a cheap dress in raw silk, or lace.

cheap maxi dresses Luckily, a favourite trendy style of dress this summer was usually cheesecloth. Fashion dresses created from cotton polyester or viscose mixes, have been plain easy wash and hold a pattern well but, do not wash them at lofty temperatures or our bold, bright design may fade. For lofty quality maxi dresses visit Maxi Dresses on Sale now to snap up a bargain. Do you understand a solution to a following question. Were usually you looking for?


Cheap Maxi Dresses – Cheap Dresses Are Fun They Liven Up Your Wardrobe And Allow You To Be Adventurous With Style

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cheap maxi dresses It encouraged a return to long evening dresses at Christmas and New Year, the maxi dress was a fashion item since the autumn, a bit tricky to wear in the snow.

The dress need not be an expensive purchase, it can be difficult to choose a dress from the array of styles, and the designer dresses are even more gorgeous.

a certain amount those winter dresses were pretty expensive, and a bunch of people bought them as ‘one off’ special purchases. Are cheaper to buy, summer materials are generally cheaper and require less tailoring! Oftentimes the maxi dress is definitely a fashion buy this summer, the sun is out, and the shops are absolutely full of dresses in a rainbow of colours.

cheap maxi dresses Decide first how often you will wear your dress, Therefore in case your budget is limited.

Search the Internet for independent shops, decide on the design of dress you like, and ask for a discount if you buy really similar design in a few patterns, To avoid wearing similar dress as any other woman.

They have most of cheap and cheerful maxi dresses on sale, great for ringing the changes without breaking the bank, Check out the supermarkets clothing sections. Notice, start with a search online and compare the rates, Therefore if you fancy a couple of dresses for different occasions. You can find they have already started to reduce summer clothes, designer outlets and shops are thinking ahead to autumn.

cheap maxi dresses For instance, spend a more to get a quality item, and save money on some clever accessories, I’d say if you need a wedding outfit.

Buying fashion items that are available in so many prints and patterns as dresses are, means you can get away with spending less money.

So a bold Aztec pattern, or paisley design, will catch the eye. Cheap dresses are fun they liven up your wardrobe, and allow you to be adventurous with style. Now let me tell you something. Cheaper tailoring shan’t be noticed, disguised by the impact of the dress style, colour and pattern. Essentially, this retro style is a favourite in discount dress stores, available both in the high street and online.

Luckily, a favourite fashionable style of dress this summer is cheesecloth.

Apply those skills to finding a selection of cheap dresses to get you through the summer, bargain hunting is fun, and very satisfying.

Cheesecloth can be dyed in many colours, and can also be deliberately crinkled, that is great if you hate ironing! Anyway, great as a ‘halter neck’ dress as I know it’s soft and fits that style well, so it is a 70’s revival material, and cheap. These materials are would not find a cheap dress in raw silk, or lace. Fashion dresses made from cotton polyester or viscose mixes, are easy wash and hold a pattern well but, do not wash them at high temperatures or your bold, bright design may fade. Are you looking for? Visit for the latest greatest deals. For high quality maxi dresses visit Maxi Dresses on Sale now to snap up a bargain.

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