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coctail dresses Antioch Now this purpose post is to inform you about big amount of details surrounding our bands participation in Union City Marching Invitational, our first year contest! Please study this post in its entirety to ensure that you have been informed of any detail. ALL STUDENTS! Thursday, April 27th -ALL DAY -Wind Ensemble at Austin Peay State University for State FestivalThursday, May 4th -7pm -PARENT MEETING / Marching Band Show RevealThursday, May 11th -7pm -REGISTRATION FOR 2017 -REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS and PARENTS! Needless to say, tuesday, April 18th -3030″ -Wind Ensemble RehearsalThursday, April 20th -3000 -Symphonic Band RehearsalTuesday, April 25th -00pm -SPRING CONCERT! Couple of future dates to you need to have on your own calendars. Tuesday, April 26th -AHS Bands Spring ConcertFriday, April 29th -AHS Marching Band performance at Mayor’s City State AddressTuesday, May 10th -MANDATORY registration meeting for all AHS Band members for next year. For those of you that attended the band banquet on Friday night, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

coctail dresses Antioch We a lot appreciate you supporting our students and their program. What an awesome event organized by our students to celebrate an outstanding end year. Be there or be square!! Added dates involve color guard and percussion clinics and auditions for 2016 Marching Band with the MANDATORY REGISTRATION MEETING for ALL returning band members on Tuesday, May ten at 7pm in the Auditorium. Anyhow, tHANK YOU to parents all that attended our parent meeting on Thursday night! Or have any fundraising ideas, please email our band booster president, Luisana Arias, at president@antiochband, Therefore if you will like to sign up to going to be holding those meetings almost any third Thursday month to keep you informed! Simply keep reading! Meeting may be at 7pm in the AHS Auditorium, more information to come. As a result, pLEASE MARK TUESDAY, MAY ten ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW! It’s a REQUIRED registration meeting for ALL students that could be in band at AHS next year. Auditions for concert bands for next year will wrap up on Tuesday.

coctail dresses Antioch We have a AWESOME opportunity for our students to profit to put wards their fair share payments!

Money that usually can be applied DIRECTLY INTO YOUR INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT!

THAT’S RIGHT! Oftentimes that always was largest color guard Antioch has ever had and Jeremy and Whitney have probably been excited about growing and developing that program. Now look, the color guard completed successful auditions previous week and will have 27 members this fall! Often, money that usually can be applied DIRECTLY INTO YOUR INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT! We have a AWESOME opportunity for our students to make a good profit to put wards their fair share payments! THAT’S RIGHT! Students will NOT have to pay for their hotel rooms. On p of that, students may be expected to get $ six to pay for their dinner, that is a spaghetti dinner being provided by Union City Band Boosters.

coctail dresses Antioch Please you should be doing so!

There’s NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for this trip.

Events just like this could entirely get place when parents and students stay current and up to date on their fair share payments. Resources to pay for bussing and hotels were all acquired by fair share payments and noticeable fundraising efforts over the summer. What an awesome week we had previous week! I hope you enjoyed seeing work all that has gone into these last few months. You ultimately missed out, I’d say if you weren’t there. Thank you all very much for attending our Spring Concert on Tuesday of past week! One and the other big school bands gave AWESOME performances. It is an email to let you understand about some pretty significant upcoming dates!

Mark the calendars if you haven’t always!

You do NOT need to work those all the shifts!

Just email Amy Baker to let her understand what day and time you gonna be there, So if you’d like to sign up for one of those times. You usually can write in for as long as you have availability and make some smooth money! Our last full week of school is usually upon us! I’ll paste my speech below, since I was second choice to Mayor Megan Berry to give commencement address and we didn’t get to share it with you. Accordingly a HUGE congratulations to 2016 class seniors that graduated on Saturday! Virtually, here’s what’s happening this week! Merely keep reading! We have another busy week ahead! Are hoping for better attendance this week, we had a decent turn out at all clinics this past week. Color Guard and Percussion clinics continue this week on both Tuesday and Thursday from 68pm. On our eve second week of band camp, we have got last updates! That said, on September 17th, we going to be traveling to West Tennessee to participate in a contest at Union City big School.

Taking this trip across the state provides these students with an one-of-a-kind experience that a big deal of them have not experienced that they will remember forever! Now, a couple of dates in the future that as a rule of a thumb, have on the calendars NOW! Students will participate in the contest throughout day and into evening and will therefore be bussed to the hotel. Besides, the students will report to AHS at 6am on Saturday, September 17th and going to be bussed from AHS to UCHS. Since of this distance, to stay suddenly at a hotel in Union City. We have chosen to NOT return to AHS that night. Have you heard about something like that before? Union City lofty School is probably approximately three hours from Antioch big School. Students going to be under eight supervision marching members band staff, with eight parent chaperones all who have extensive experience working with students, while in the hotel.

Students should be lodged in the hotel in groups of four by gender. They gonna be filling out rooming requests in class within weeks next couple. So students need to arrive at 15pm. Basically, the doors to auditorium will open for parent seating at 45pm. Undoubtedly, now you would want to mingle with different parents in the lobby before the doors open! On p of that, concert starts at 7pm and will last approximately few minutes. That’s right! We have some upcoming future dates that you have to have on your own calendars! Furthermore, pLEASE turn those in to me ASAP so we could hold the spot in program for next year! As a result, they have attached the required forms HERE, So in case you were unable to attend. It is thank you a lot to all of you that attended the registration meeting past week Tuesday. On Thursday of this week, we invite you to attend a brief performance where the students will show off everything they’ve learned over our course 2 week band camp!

We support ALL parents to attend, as with every contest. Students perform better when they have an army of support in stands cheering them on! Thanks to everyone who participated! July 2528″ 8am 30pmA HUGE thanks goes out to parents all, students, and siblings that helped at our duel location car wash extravaganza! Of course, this was a good start, we still have a looooooong way to go. Fact, your efforts have probably been much appreciated and we made a considerable dent in modern purchase uniforms! We have another busy week this week! Notice that oH BOY, WHAT A BUSY DAY! Here’s what’s happening this week! Check Thursday!!, band All camp dates are required rehearsals. I understand that most of you are about to plan family vacations for the summer, and need to see these dates so you could ensure our student has been present at band camp. Please let me see if you have any questions! Plan vacations, doctor’s appointments, dentist visits, dog sitting trips, babysitters clubs, and all different events AROUND these dates. Is why school first day is probably a week later, This year’s dates are as goes with -Monday, July 24th -Friday, July 28th, ‘8am 30pmMonday’, July 31st -Friday, August 4th, ‘3pm9pmFirst’ day of school -Monday, August 7ththe school calendar for MNPS has usually been slightly unusual from what they’ve done in year’s past,, and why we are preparing to run rehearsals in afternoon and evening the second week.

That said, this will as well help us to be more efficient as temperatures in evenings should be cooler than in the course of the day.

We usually were now announcing dates for the 2017 Marching Band Camp!

Hello, AHS Band Families! Moment you’ve all been waiting for!!!!!! ALL students could be REQUIRED to attend ALL band camp weeks. With all that said… PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW! Make money in next week to pay that deposit! However, get a head start now, aLL RETURNING MEMBERS going to be required to pay a $ 100 deposit at registration night! Then once more, color Guard and percussion clinics begin this week on Tuesday and Thursday from six 8pm. Ok, and now one of the most crucial parts. These clinics will give students an opportunity to practice and practice skill and techniques that may be expected at the auditions later this month. These clinics are always for students interested in being color members guard, drumline, or front ensemble for the 2016 marching band.

Our last band booster year meeting gonna be on Thursday at 7pm in the band room.

We need you!

We need to get some more parents involved! Fiscal statements were handed out to all students this past week detailing our current balance with regards to fair share payments. These statements are probably attainable 24/7 seven online through Charms. Basically, please ‘e mail’ Amber Moseley and Amy Baker, band booster treasurers, at, Therefore if you have any questions regarding this statement. So, bAND CAMP DATES! We have some upcoming future dates that you must have on your calendars! Here’s what’s happening this week. Simply think for a moment. Though our Spring Concert is over, we have been still pretty busy from now until the year end! We have usually been a lot looking forward to making more progress this week.

By the way, the students had a OUTSTANDING week of camp past week!

We will rehearse MondayThursday and will NOT have rehearsal on Friday.

Quite a few students have signed up to get the bus to DCI show on Friday night and we are pumped for that community opportunity! Known rehearsals this week are 8am 6pm. These packages will comprise charter bus transportation to and from Union City, and hotel accommodations with band. Please stay tuned for this information and act pretty fast as spots are limited! We have usually been offering a handful of travel packages for parents and families, as we mentioned previously. Please do NOT call to book your room here. Students and staff gonna be housed at the following hotel. They will tell you the hotel is full as we have majority of the rooms blocked off and are getting a good deal on rooms. Ok, and now one of the most significant parts. They WILL NOT LET YOU GRADUATE until you have paid off our own fees, while administration has OK it in past. Usually, sENIOR BAND STUDENTS AND PARENTS -This is previous week that you will have an opportunity pay off any remaining balance on your own fair share account.

Please get care of that!

Tuesday -SPRING CONCERT -Concert starts at 7, band members need to report at 15pm.

Now this concert will feature one and the other the AHS Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble, with the John Kennedy Middle School beginning and advanced bands. Therefore the students were given a form, will get extras from me, and that form with $ 7 is due to me by Wednesday if they choose to participate. You will find a lot more information about it here. Has been immensely considered for those students desiring to better themselves on their instruments, solo and Ensemble has been optional for all students.

Those clinics, solo ensemble registration is due to me by Wednesday.

You gonna be taking the student home from Union City on Saturday night, and they would not be staying with us at the hotel, I’d say if that has been the case.

ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS may be expected to be in attendance at this contest. That said, or whenever is possible till our scheduled arrival back at AHS on Sunday, you must arrange your method of transportation for our own student, I’d say in case peculiar circumstances require your student to return home on Saturday evening. Bring the family!!

Get Mayor!!

So it’s simply a friendly reminder about Spring Concert on Tuesday of THIS WEEK, April 25th at 7pm in the AHS Auditorium.

Students are working incredibly rough and it’s a night of music you won’t seek for to miss! Get our own neighbors! Now look, the concert is FREE!! Write Union minutes City big School. Know what guys, I assure you, the staff in place has the experience to execute this logistics trip with ease, might be nervous about sending their child on an in one day event with their mates. I spent 4 summers traveling with groups of more than 200 across Europe. Please stay tuned as there might be a big deal more detailed itinerary coming out within weeks next couple.

Students are VERY excited about this opportunity and I am beyond thrilled to be able to a bit of their closest buddies! Taking best 140 lofty school students around to West Tennessee should be rather manageable! Get advantage of it! The year usually was moving by and we are approaching the year end! So, it’s a OUTSTANDING opportunity! We have been revealing 2016 Marching Show with modern uniforms TOMORROW at 7pm in the band room!! For those of you choosing to travel on your, So there’re a few hotels in this place that probably were accessible.


Coctail Dresses Antioch

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coctail dresses Antioch I’m assuming our Family Support Adviserhas underin no circumstances watched Pretty Woman.

They could get smart and serve popcorn and champagne.

I’ll tally visit watch scene where the hotel manager teaches Julia Roberts to work from outside in, as long as if CCS wants to hold a ball related educational event. Dan even has a cat named Sontag.

Whether it’s more specific areas like biology, loads of exclusive mediums, that approach or usually were completely a mix of science and technology, physics, astrophysics and art, between 1965 and now. We have seen an explosion of art, not simply photography.

He was blown away by her timeliness pics and their relevance to in the later days, when he listened to the archival tape.

coctail dresses Antioch Susan Sontag was a 1990 Macarthur Fellow, whose controversial trips to ravaged cities like Hanoi and Sarajevo will yield indictments against war and suffering.

Which she was, light red dress and all.

She was 71, Sontag died in 2004. Fact, she battled cancer and detractors who looked with success for her brash special style and brand of cultured criticism provocative. Remember, while speaking at schools like Princeton, Yale, Brown, and Antioch, d just taken a leave from teaching, and was on the campus lecture circuit. Then, she’d usually made a name for herself in literary circles, sontag was 32 when she came to Yellow Springs in April of 1965. Seriously. Writer and community critic Susan Sontag was amongst speakers.

coctail dresses Antioch In the decades after this lecture, her books and essays will come to influence how we think about photographic images, pop culture, and illness.

Civil rights, avant garde music, and computers were simply a pics few.

In 1965 spring, Antioch College presented a lecture series on the Shape of Things to Come in America. Day Phil Ochs’ music is less famous than some amount of his colleagues’ but it still delivers a powerful message.. In 1962 a Ohio State student, a singer and guitarist named Phil Ochs, moved to New York and was shortly at booming center folk music scene in Greenwich Village which included Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Peter Paul and Mary. They’ve been famous as teachins idea was to study war and draft in depth.

In April of 1965, Vietnam Colloquium, was held over 3 months on Yellow Springs campus of Antioch College. As increasing numbers of American troops were sent to Vietnam, in 1965 and a American bombing campaign grew, community forums were organized on college campuses across the country. It was midday on a Tuesday, and she was dressed like amidst pop singers referenced in her talk. She was an intellectual diva, wit embodiment and glamour, and students were gaga over her. In the WYSO Archives, we have tape of Susan Sontag’s speech in Antioch’s Kelly Hall Auditorium. We can’t may be enjoyed equally, she compares a song by Supremes, or Dionne Warwick to Beethoven quartets or Giacometti sculpture. She seeming spoke divisions betwixt art and science, and of bringing intellectual same level engagement to well-known culture as to ‘socalled’ lofty culture.

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