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Coctail Dresses Norman

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coctail dresses Norman If that sounds like a movie plot, it’s since it is -a live action iteration of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast arrived in theaters Friday. You’d have had me, I’d say in case you had just said plum coloured wool satin and not mentioned stunning dress.

I love this dress that’s so lovely and those dart’s are probably lovely. Then once again, thanx a lot for sharing. I’m looking forward to seeing you recreate it! Definitely an awesome dress! Then once again, thanks for look.

coctail dresses Norman Oh my god!!!!! I love it. What a revelation I’ve not, till now!You’ll be making it my size, right? Wool satin? Furthermore, it ain’t cheap!gasp! Be prepared for sticker shock, To be honest I understand you could obtain it online at NY Fashion Center Fabrics. Re. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see this get shape – original always was so beautiful and that shape suits you so well. I could rather see why you can’t get this frock out of our own mind. Rowena, thank you for those details! It’s a well I tally wouldn’t have guessed that the chevron darts are purely decorative. You’re a doll!

We’ll see.

Thanks once again!

I think we probably drape bodice and flat pattern skirt., I’m looking forward to this exhibit. Did you hear about something like that before? Tuesday will NOT get here quick enough! In reality, I can’t wait to see what’s next! Those chevron darts are a dream. Oh be still my heart! These pictures have been going straight into the ‘inspiration’ file, thanks a lot for sharing! They have online/mail order, right? It’s not most plentiful fabric out there, To be honest I LOVE LOVE wool satin. Nevertheless, oh drool! In any case, you have the fabric always, or do you simply see where you could get it, right? I maybe truly need to get this exhibit catalogue. Another question isSo question is this. Usually can you tell me where to get it? Plum wool satin??????


Coctail Dresses Norman

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It’s horrible Worried about your safety? State secretary will turn over what’s publicly reachable. Indy Weekly Podcast, Episode 7 always was up now! Whenever working for hours at dining room table penciling idea after idea in a flurry of sketches, constant struggle for ideas was the most sophisticated part of doing the Post covers he will mostly drive himself to a place of absolute exhaustion, despair and doubt throughout the evening after leaving studio.

Next morning he should awake, unable to take, rubbed raw, vulnerable.

So it’s generally when you let up on thinking pressure of choice to the artistic dilemma that the inspiration comes in an unexpected flash, when you’re doing something trivial and mundane and the mind is calm, as any artist understands.

coctail dresses Norman Progress that uched everyone’s lives and changed them, quite a few of his ideas would come from trends or day news radio invention, the first car, or fads that drew the public’s attention.

Later my grandfather need to start to discover some amount of his better ideas while shaving.

Receptivity comes when one’s defenses are usually worn or damaged down he will deliberately put himself through this seemingly destructive process to search for golden ideas. As Norman Rockwell grew up and matured as an artist and man he brought his audience his chums gether with him. That was when an idea will at times strike him. In that way he painted his story, their story and the country’s story all thanks to his big visibility work on cover of the Post cover. You see, And so it’s one of my grandfather’s more intimate works, yet it requires place in a quite social space, brightly lit passenger car of a train.

coctail dresses Norman We feel we are probably an amused, unseen observer on that train.

3 entwined legs enthusiasts in Voyeur, August 12, 1944, reveal a quiet, unspoken and immediate intimacy, and are probably most prominent visual though little girl in obscure red sneaking a look at devotees is sharing in their secret.

That said, this contrast makes cover uching and effective. In my grandfather’s paintings everything is said without words. I know that the exposing overhead light doesn’t matter to the 2 enthusiasts who were usually in their own peronal world, not noticing the little girl leaning over the seat in front of them. It’s fairly obvious that the contrast between green woman’s polished, stylish shoes and the soldier’s lived in service boots. He wrote in My first edition journeys As a Illustrator.

coctail dresses Norman He should place the sketches in front of Lorimer on his desk and hereupon act them out to bring that picture and story to health in an exciting way. He oftentimes recalled fun and rough work of pitching his ideas to Lorimer. Lorimer’s ‘Kentucky born’ determined square jaw and commanding eyes rested on my grandfather with a mix of palpable power softened with kindness. Rockwell’s time at the Saturday Evening Post will be divided into 3 periods. The end of when Lorimer died it was like an era end, lorimer’s reign the closing of a big volume therewith of Norman’s essence.

coctail dresses Norman Publishing baron, george Horace Lorimer had strength and unwavering decisiveness that Pop so admired.

He usually remembered being greeted by Lorimer standing behind his desk, silhouetted by light from 3 expansive windows in back of him.

Then the OK Mr. Lorimer was a significant father figure and mentor to my grandfather and Pop remained somewhat in awe of GHL’s formidable, intimidating, yet reassuring presence for most of his health. He made sure he approved of Norman’s choice of partner when my grandfather married his second wife, my grandmother. Definitely, whenever suffering over fact that none of this was even near the becoming a reality, one day Clyde looked for him on sofa. Clyde had to convince Pop that he was indeed good enough to at least attempt a cover, to not let himself be intimidated Lorimer’s not the Dalai Lama. Reconcile with what you think the Post is looking for and paint what you do better kids. 1 ideas came to him, conjured up from covers kind he had admired on the Post. Anyways, clyde ok one look at the paintings and exclaimed dryly, C R U- the ballerina looked like a mboy who’s been scrubbed with a rough washcloth and pinned into a tally new dress by her mother.

coctail dresses Norman Removed, big society woman, first was a Gibson Girl kind of painting with a dashing man bending over a sofa to kiss an irresistible. My grandfather got to work. His first cover, Salutation, appeared on cover Saturday Evening Post on May 20th, 1916 Pop was solely 22 years old enough. He had a custom made suitcase created to make paintings on train to Post in Philadelphia. Miracle of miracles, Lorimer accepted 2 paintings and 2 sketches for future covers. Case looked more like a short blackish casket. To assume his newest identity as a flawless illustrator my grandfather purchased a completely new suit in a fancy gray Herringbone tweed with a conservative modern grey hat. Furthermore, despairing thoughts followed him all the way. Stout wasn’t as definite as Lorimer, he seemed to look for what was incorrect in any of my grandfather’s paintings after what was right. So this whittled Pop’s confidence down until he didn’t feel good about most of the work he was turning in.

Often unreasonably in Post fear dropping him at any moment, despite his growing fame and success, Rockwell felt even more precarious when Wesley Stout came on board as editor succeeding Lorimer.

Most people day do not realize that during Rockwell’s tenure, the Saturday Evening Post prohibited its artists from painting people of ethnicity in any role except a subservient one.

With that said, this under no circumstances sat well with my grandfather. It’s ‘African American’ man, waiter, who is this heart painting viewer’s eye for ages being that his presence has been so immediately felt, he radiates such kindness and bemusement at boy’s dilemma. Basically, he would sneak ‘AfricanAmericans’ and people of ethnicity into his paintings where he could Statue of Liberty, July 6, 1946, for instance. In it, a junior boy in train’s dining car was always making an attempt to find out check.

He cleverly turned this policy on its head in his December 7th, 1946 cover, NYC Central Diner.

That is what makes it fun to explore his paintings every detail was always carefully chosen, a clue, a secret that is usually connected to story.

Like the prize fight in NYC or blacksmith’s shop in a tiny wn in Vermont where he spent the morning what it felt like to be in that room or environment, most of his paintings and covers proven to be a sort of sense memory exercise doing best in order to capture and recall atmosphere he had immersed himself in, smells, sounds and visuals. Pop often wanted to get a place feel that he was preparing to paint, he searched for smallest details that would make his picture ring very true, including actual attire, props and period accessories.

He was a method actor and director before anyone saw what method acting was. He immersed himself in the reality he my be painting to bring that reality to viewer. They want to ask you a question. Why wouldn’t Rockwell merely paint pretty girls like he did? Even in a great deal of beautiful women that he painted throughout the years he added uches of character like slight pigeon toes, self doubt in peronal moments or real grit, moxie, strength and determination. Nevertheless, Petty and Elvgren he was oftentimes will under no circumstances paint pinup girls like Vargas. However, whenever alluring girl like Phillips or Charles Dana Gibson, could he even paint an attractive. Known my grandfather really created this fiction that sticks with him to this day. Possibly it stemmed from his insecure weeks as an awkward youth for a while neck who didn’t feel attractive to women yet.

Rockwell would respond doubtfully.

Coles Phillips, a fellow illustrator in modern Rochelle, used to rib Pop about his content pictures.

Successful, beautiful people, primped and perfect, held no interest for Rockwell, he saw their faces as masks but not fascinating maps of character. In fact, shoes may every now and then reveal more about a character real essence than the face the wear and tear, with a perfect polish, still remains, the sole reveals soul. Norman Rockwell was a master of shoes, like Van Gogh. Notice, So there’s either a softening or features hardening that occurs over time which forever etches itself onto the face less artifice, less of an attempt or ability to hide the truth, failures, secrets and lost dreams.

My grandfather adored to paint older people and children for any longer being that contrast they represented.

Adventure and possibility they we must see regarding our own youth, children have an essential purity of reaction and an oftentimes unsuppressed feeling of play freer.

Accordingly an older face tends to show the trials and tragedies the person has had to endure. As we called him, pop often wanted to proven to be a good illustrator he was driven from the moment he started sketching while his father explore Charles Dickens to family. You start by following different artists a spaniel, as he wrote in My journeys As a Illustrator. It’s a well if you’ve got it, you proven to be yourself a lion. His name in lower right hand corner?

What should it be like if he were man he wanted to be.

He began a routine of sitting alone in studio he rented with his buddie, noted cartoonist Clyde Forsythe, a Post copy spread out before him, and making himself to dream.

How many people would see it one million, 2 million? He pictured himself dining with the Post’s larger than health editor, George Horace Lorimer. After exploring attic where she used to do her writing and contemplation, pop spent hours in Louisa May Alcott’s home for his series on Little Women.

Actually an imagination that in no circumstances tired of thinking up possibilities, modern horizons, and fresh trips, Rockwell’s bright imagination was the engine that drove him all those years.

All good art has been a search for what really is very true, That’s a fact, it’s an effort to convey that discovered truth.

It was oftentimes a constant struggle because of periods of ‘self doubt’, and the fear that there was a lack of expansion and growth in his work. All in all, he visited and absorbed Mark Twain’s childhood wn of Hannibal to research his illustrations for Tom Sawyer, he even went to being extreme left alone in the cave from Twain’s novel that Tom and Becky get lost in. He sketched by himself in a flickering light lamp surrounded by enveloping darkness, envisaging the cave as the lair of escaped robbers. Full paintings were shown, He had cover redesigned, not merely vignettes of one or 3 people with nearly no background. 5 years later Ben Hibbs replaced Stout as editor. Needless to say, he was a Midwesterner, a lot more casual, and he genuinely liked my grandfather’s work. He resurrected the Saturday Evening Post at a time when magazine desperately needed it.

Dozens of the limitations that for ageser there.

The canvas before him was now wide open with more possibility.

That said, this freed Rockwell to get his stories to a whole modern extent of detail, atmosphere and character. Besides, the logo was streamlined into a more modern Post font in the p left corner. Whenever placing them inside the Post after the government had rejected them, ben Hibbs was the one, who enthusiastically accepted and championed the 4 Freedoms. My grandfather felt that Stuart ‘over directed’ at times. Now let me tell you something. He wanted to dictate content to his artists and control them, Stuart was a tiny man with a tremendous ego. Considering the above said. He had been an illustrator himself in advance of becoming an art editor and maybe felt entitled to have that much input. Nevertheless, after it was arranged that ob Fuoss, managing editor, and Ben Hibbs should oversee all matters regarding my grandfather, Stuart was lerated and Pop even did what he could to butter him up.

She had in no circumstances liked Stuart, Pop threatened to leave the Post my grandmother, Mary, was absolutely furious.

Ken Stuart turned out to be the modern art editor in He was always credited with changing the content covers direction, moving them wards celebration of America and loftier, more expansive ideas, while Hibbs was editor.

Prior to the Date, stuart went so far as to paint a horse out of covers, September 24, 1949, without telling my grandfather. Their relationship was conflicted and ambivalent at best. As a result, you may see his evolution as an artist and marvel at his refusal to stay in one place with his work. So it’s a revelation when you look at the 322 covers he did between 1916 and his progression work, his vision, his technique, and storytelling skill deepened and expanded in surprising ways. He must have used 2 distinct boys to model for the painting. Now look, the pram grim hollow and barely visible baby were apparently result of nerves. Seriously. Pop must are anxious about painting his first Post cover and possibly couldn’t rather deal with getting an actual baby as a model with its rather real wriggling and crying to contend with!

My grandfather used one of his favorite models, Billy Payne, for all 2 boys in this first cover. Accordingly the other 1 boys were always poorly done, the boy pushing pram usually was fully realized and rendered. Remembrance that all is, indeed, well, people continue to look for this solace, now this inspiration in his work. Fact, that is always what lives in some quality stuff from my grandfather’s work and in some decent stuff from all of us. Through nearly half a century of Saturday Evening Post covers he left the communal with the resonating and quiet goodness reminder in people. People looked for reassurance, humor, empathy, compassion and kindness in his covers. It’s an invisible ideal that most Americans and people worldwide instinctively hold in their hearts, an ideal that proven to be manifest through people actions wards themselves and each other. Conflict between 2 men still lingers tonight. Whenever citing a company issue, no communications were searched with success for from my grandfather to Stuart aside from Pop requesting for his paintings to be returned in the 50’s and Stuart refusing this request. Just keep reading! Whenever Saying Grace, Gossips and Walking To Church, stuart claimed that Pop gifted a few paintings to him.

My grandfather felt that Stuart ok Curtis paintings out building one day and held on to them. Did you know that the Stuart sons these days sold Saying Grace, my grandfather’s most well known cover, and 2 various paintings at Sotheby’s for $ 57 dot three million dollars, a figure that will have astonished and possibly embarrassed my grandfather. My grandfather once said himself, Post has always been my better and completely opportunity to express myself fully. You see, with another illustration work he was forced to have confidence about and stay very true to someone else’s story. He liked to come up with his own stories and tell them his way and Post covers were better way for him to do that. Needless to say, it could’ve been argued that Norman Rockwell will not have evolved into incomparable and beloved storyteller we see now, without remarkable opportunity that Saturday Evening Post afforded him for plenty of years.


Coctail Dresses Norman

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coctail dresses Norman

Redish Dress Hash 2015, October 20, Hash House Harriers have raised 4560 dot 21 at latest dark red Dress Hash 2015 for Cudeca hospice.

With most wearing light red dresses for torun, málaga, Mijas and visiting Hash House Harriers clubs went along to help toevent. You shouldn’t mistake this as some parade or a convention for people with tragic fashion sense. All in all, global Times. While hollering and drinking beer, redish devils on toloose, May 14, Men and women in scandalous redish dresses, fishnet stockings and colorful wigs dashed through tohutong. It was 2013 dark red Dress Run in Beijing, an annual event organized by Beijing Hash House Harriers … Charitable donations were collected from hash sales patches, and will go ward earthquake rebuilding efforts in Ya’an and Boston for marathon victims explosion, said Liu. Diplomacy has probably been stitched into royal wardrobe -detail was probably key.

Her coronation dress boasted British and Commonwealth emblems.

Make instance ‘blush pink’ gown worn by HM at her spectacular James Bond inspired entrance to 2012 Olympic Games. Her robe for state banquet at Dublin Castle was embellished with more than 2000 ‘handsewn’ shamrocks, when Queen visited Ireland in 2011.

coctail dresses Norman Care had to be taken to select a ne that was not associated solid with majority of to participating nations.

Embroidery, let’s say, has highlighted relationships betwixt nations and regions.

Its symbolism may govern options. Colour is probably more than a shade. In tomeantime, HM numbercrunching is impressive. Whenever marking her 90th birthday on April 21 this year, hM is now to’longest serving’ monarch in tonation’s chronicles. Whenever counting special audiences, past year her diary encompassed 341 official engagements. One usually can speculate whether she could be our last female sovereign. Males have always been in line for throne for next 3 generations, and we don`t understand what or who comes after that. Besides, I metaphorically raise my hat to her -no matter that our generation has been first in modern times in which a woman could’ve been considered well dressed without one. Throughout she has communicated a feeling of dedication that has shown no sign of waning. Hartnell’s biographer Michael Pick confirms, green sleek lines Queen’s wardrobe differed from her mother’s established look.

coctail dresses Norman One wonders whether Queen 2007 photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz, that depict her in a stately long gown with shoulders widely enfolded in fur, fully caught on to tositter’s more modern approach to dress.

Making for fact that both mother and daughter were dressed by London couturier Norman Hartnell, it’s clear that floaty successful formula chiffons and theatrical effects he had created for Queen Mother was way off mark for junior royal.

To known it applied to a lot of those of us who came to fashion postWorld War I. Independence of spirit emerged in relation to her clothes that was spot on generational mood, when into her reign. Oftentimes an exploration of what significance amounts to toQueen’s soft armour underpins forthcoming exhibition, flagship show of which opens at Buckingham Palace in July.

coctail dresses Norman Caroline de Guitaut, tocurator, emphasises that clothing is influential in establishing a relationship between Queen and tonation.

We are seeing more of her smile.

Happening at a period when oldies are snuffed out of community gaze in robust amount of special aspects, how good is it to have Queen on side. Neither we uses a stick, nor she often, at writing time, it was said by some they talked to that Queen was looking really bonny these months. Now pay attention please. Now look, the Queen’s straight backed unwobbly action of walking backwards down Cenotaph steps previous year evoked admiration among my age group and undue peering at her ‘2in heeled’ court shoes. On p of this, looking at story sweep of toQueen’s reign from my own standpoint, it’s current phase that tells.

Staying within conservative margins dress, HM need to start to look for her own style in Sixties and Seventies.

It was widely rumoured in my day that Queen had undergone a bust reduction.

Whatever background story, proportions Queen’s body appeared trimmer and sleeker. With its full bosom, for one concern, toQueen’s silhouette, appeared to improve. Bodies do alter shape through usual causes, and that could’ve been explanation for lowered curves. Basically, distinct from Crown Jewels was always toQueen’s special assemblage -which includes, as an example, pieces given to her by Prince Philip. Remember, while representing regal status and private adornment, royal massive collection gems fulfils unusual, occasionally overlapping functions. As a result, she received a diamond tiara from her grandmother, Queen Mary, who had been presented with it on her occasion own nuptials in reputed as Girls of OK Britain, piece has been said to be a favourite, and was usually lightest of toQueen’s tiaras. Among a great deal of, quite a few strings of pearls in her collection has usually been a double row given as a wedding present by her parents, George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Undoubtedly it’s toQueen, I’d say in case ever there was a pearly girl. For royal attire, study jewellery. Angela Kelly -now appointed special adviser and senior dresser to Queen -was interpreting royal dress code at todressers’ floor at Buckingham Palace and has 11 people in her team, since her arrival in 2002 as royal dresser. Ian Thomas, who was assistant designer at Hartnell, ok over in 1970 and under his own label dressed Queen in understated elegance that was his hallmark. Now please pay attention. Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies, all of whom were knighted for their outsourcing, worked in association with each other where royal patronage was concerned, or at least to some degree. With all that said… Amies, prominent for absorbing Parisian couture trends without slavishly following them, introduced brighter colours, sophisticated prints and patterns, smaller hats. He stayed by rules enlightening in his biography that dresses changing length would’ve been considered so that no more than a minimum of knee should show. Hartnell wins critical accolades for ceremonial robes and exquisite embroideries.

Every contributed their own expertise.

Stewart Parvin, graduate of Art Edinburgh College.

Royal picture dress familiar to a number of us was created by her principal designers. Basically, in miniskirted Sixties he wrote beneath a Queen photograph as shorter as we dared. One choice has been through intensive prepping, private dedication and practicing on tojob. She was seen in social repairing toshine. Primarily, a contra observation relates to her jolly uch on to’makeup’ box. She probably was shown in a luscious lip tone, a nod to her duality role as sovereign and woman. When she dons those magnificent royal jewels, it is likely to be more out of a feeling of duty than any would like to show them off stylishly. We in no circumstances spot HM glancing at herself in a looking glass, or indicating that she has always been aware of people’s flattery. Underlying any review of toQueen’s attitude to dress has been her apparent lack of vanity. As a result, a green woman as good looking and well placed as was Princess Elizabeth will have developed the initial stage she was partial to lipstick, a bright redish being a signature. How has dress style that goes with royal role come about?

Besides, an enduring photograph of HM by Cecil Beaton depicts her bearing sceptre, orb and Imperial state crown.

Not some small amount of it!

In postwar midst austerity and ‘coupon ridden’ frugality, it would have struck an inappropriate note. I know that the populace lapped up details of Norman Hartnell’s creation. All pageantry seemed to satisfy a hunger long denied. My first recollection of royal power dress was wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Prince Philip. That said, whenever helping seal her image worldwide, culturally and socially, toQueen’s considered wardrobe has played a central role in her reign. Drusilla Beyfus looks back on 90 royal years style -from tiaras to tweeds -in March 2016 issue of Vogue. Essentially, much of her clothing might be regarded as costume, custommade for performance.

Hemlines might be weighted to guard against untimely gusts of wind and mishap.

For the sake of example, necklines on coats and dresses usually were cut to avoid risking restricting toQueen’s freedom of movement.

Hats always were fashioned with a fair size crown to give extra height and brims have been styled off face to be friendly to viewers. She who had no training for job happened to be an actual professional, and with experience came up with a working wardrobe that suited her singular responsibilities.a lot of trusted props always were apparent.

Outfit proportions from childhood months of a shorter jumper and kilted skirt have discovered a place in her adult wardrobe in myriad forms. Much of toQueen’s community essence had been bound up in sartorial considerations. Few would question that Queen clothing has constituted a vast may be brought into focus in this year’s exhibition by Royal Collection Trust. So, diplomatically, culturally and socially, royal wardrobe has an obligation to be booboo proof, well able to function in a sartorial light hotchpotch of tricky sensitivities and ‘tripup’ problems. Years of Style. Without being frustrated by her chosen sort of outfit, it makes clear that choices over decades range from satisfying her ‘rather frequently aired’ belief that people who come to see Queen ought to be able to do so readily, to more complex question of selecting forms of dress that communicate with toaudience.

Equating to a grand historical lookbook, display covers toQueen’s existence and reign and is always largest ever shown.

Making for fine textiles and ‘custom made’ origins, her actual style typical daywear on parade ain’t so radically special from outfits in ‘highstreet’ windows.

In contrast, toQueen’s formal evening looks were greatly admired by one and all. Actually the dead simple to wear suits and coats with chiming dresses by and big conform to a look that majority of her subjects my be good to see themselves in. Worth saying on this point has been that to’fashionconscious’ among us had distinct reservations about specific parts of toQueen’s dress. It was quite often observed that when Queen dressed formally for an evening occasion and was entertaining visiting ladies who possibly represented some competition in apparel stakes, HM’s ensemble gonna be counted on to score for home team.


Coctail Dresses Norman: My Fabrics At Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft Stores

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coctail dresses Norman Lovely -the details are indeed stunning, and understandably inspiring. So here’s the question. I need to echo plum sentiment wool satin -where oh where may you look for such treasure? I’ve done some draping, and moving darts around is one of a few things. Thanks for look. Oh my god!!!!! I love it. Always. Be prepared for sticker shock, I’m almost sure I understand you usually can get it online at NY Fashion Center Fabrics. It ain’t cheap!gasp! Wool satin? What a revelation I’ve not, till this day!You’ll be making it my size, right? Gorgeous! I usually can pretty see why you can’t get this frock out of our mind.

coctail dresses Norman I can’t wait to see this make shape -the original is so beautiful and that shape suits you so well.

These pictures are going straight into the ‘inspiration’ file, thanks very much for sharing!

Plum wool satin?????? I perhaps need to simply get this exhibit catalogue. May you tell me where to get it? Oh drool! This is where it starts getting truly entertaining. It’s not most plentiful fabric out there, Know what, I LOVE LOVE wool satin. Now pay attention please. Oh be still my heart! You have the fabric usually, or do you merely see where you may get it, right? They have online/mail order, right? This is case. Oh Gertie it’s so lovely and those dart’s usually were lovely. Nevertheless, thanx a lot for sharing. I’m looking forward to seeing you recreate it! Definitely an awesome dress! Those chevron darts are usually a dream.

I can’t wait to see what’s next! You’d have had me, if you had simply said ‘plum coloured’ wool satin and not even mentioned the stunning dress. Sounds like one of those fabrics you have to live near a huge garment district to see individually. It is gorgeous, and construction details are usually amazing. Now I’m intrigued, I’ve not heard of wool satin. I merely had to scrape my jaw off floor. Though mine doesn’t start until the 20th. We will have to compare notes! Considering above said. I love this dress so! I was thinking of using it as my model in my draping class. Tuesday may NOT get here faster enough!

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